News You Can Use: 10/16/18

National Security

Five Eyes intelligence alliance builds coalition to counter China, Reuters

A Fatal Abandonment of American Leadership, The Atlantic

Drones swamp US-Mexico border but federal agents powerless to stop them, Washington Examiner

Military Leaders Are Starting To Freak Out Over Russia’s Information Warfare Dominance, Task & Purpose

Tyndall Air Force Base a ‘Complete Loss’ Amid Questions About Stealth Fighters, The New York Times

How the Trump Administration Can Cope with Obama’s Arab Spring, The National Interest

DHS Says It’s Finally Hiring More Border Agents Than It’s Losing, Government Executive

How to tell when North Korea starts to denuclearize, Brookings

Germany deports convicted 9/11 accomplice Motassadeq to Morocco, Deutsche Welle

When might we see the Army’s air & missile defense strategy?, Defense News

Strategy for Protecting and Preparing the Homeland Against Threats of Electromagnetic Pulse and Geomagnetic Disturbances, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Watchdog Faults FBI Staff for Mishandling Secret Report on U.K. Terrorist Attack, Government Executive

How to Fight Russian Infowar in Central Europe, Defense One

Paul Ryan: Give Trump’s Afghanistan strategy a chance to succeed, Washington Examiner


Pentagon reveals cyber breach of travel records, The Associated Press

Many U.S. Weapons Systems Are Vulnerable to Cyberattack, Foreign Policy

DHS Downplays Report That Data Thieves Are Selling Millions of Voters’ Data, Defense One

U.K. Cyber Security Center Says Most Attacks Are From Hostile States, Bloomberg

No One Can Get Cybersecurity Disclosure Just Right – Especially Lawmakers, Wired

Public Health

Report: World Support For Mental Health Care Is ‘Pitifully Small’, NPR

For the Sleep-Deprived, Small Distractions Can Have Dire Results, Futurity

Rate Of C-Sections Is Rising At An ‘Alarming’ Rate, Report Says, NPR

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Appeal of California Ruling on Lead Paint Remediation, Route Fifty

The Hijacked Hearse: Dispatches From The Ebola Outbreak In DRC, NPR

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

China’s Great Leap Backward, The Atlantic

U.S. Blocks Aid Workers From North Korea, The Wall Street Journal

40 years ago we stopped the practice of separating American Indian families. Let’s not reverse course., Brookings

Venezuelan Doctors on US Navy Mission to Help Compatriots, The Associated Press

2018 Meeting of the President’s Interagency Task Force on Trafficking in Persons, U.S. Department of State

Government & Military Personnel

It’s now easier for Army spouses to keep their jobs in Child and Youth Services when they PCS, Army Times

The Pentagon’s Push to Program Soldiers’ Brains, The Atlantic

Here’s how to see if you’re among the 30 million compromised Facebook users, ARS Technica

Federal Retirement Claims Increase 24 Percent in Fiscal 2018, Government Executive

What Happens Next with OPM?,

Agencies Backslide in Fight Against Jargon, Amid High Staff Turnover, Government Executive

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