News You Can Use: 10/17/16

National Security

22 US House Democrats Press Obama to Adopt ‘No-First-Use’ Nuclear Weapons Policy, Defense News

America’s Russia Policy Has Failed, Foreign Policy

Editorial: The Pros of a National Military Strategy ‘For Everyone to See’, Defense News

DoD Participates in Disaster Relief Hackathon in New York City, DoD News

The United States and Russia Are Prepping for Doomsday, Foreign Policy

Internal Homeland Security Memo Seems to Contradict Agency Claims, The Wall Street Journal

Intelligence Analyst: Russian Cyberattacks Could Roil US Elections, Voice of America

DHS to temporarily halt deportation flights to Haiti, In Homeland Security

Russia prepares for war while we’re distracted with tapes and emails, The Hill


Letter to next president on cybersecurity, Federal Times

What are U.S. officials saying about a potential NSA-CYBERCOM split?, C4ISR Net

How to Win the Cyberwar Against Russia, Foreign Policy

The cybersecurity fixes for the next president’s first 100 days, The Hill

Tech Unit Stretches Federal Pay System to Recruit Cyber Talent, Nextgov

Army Cyber Command names new commander, C4ISR Net

Public Health

Cholera in Haiti Isn’t Just Bad News – It’s Not Going Away, Wired

USAID Funds Zika-Fighting Drone Projects, Nextgov

Diverse Medicaid Rules Hurt in Fighting Addiction, Route Fifty

Skip The Math: Researchers Paint A Picture Of Health Benefits And Risks, NPR

Gore Ties Global Warming to the Zika Virus, CNS News

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

U.S. relief to Haiti ramps up as Iwo Jima begins humanitarian flights, Navy Times

Amnesty urges focus on human rights in Obama’s last 100 days, The Hill

Nigeria’s Chibok schoolgirls freed in Boko Haram deal, BBC News

Engineers on ship bound for Haiti create device to get water to those in need, Military Times

Government & Military Personnel

DoD Civilians, Service Members Must Remain Non-Partisan, Apolitical, DoD News

Risk is Agencywide, But What About Risk Management?, Government Executive

Got Something to Sell to the Pentagon? It’s About to Get Easier, Defense One

Defense Has Cut 40K Civilians, But Doesn’t Know How Much Money That Has Saved, Government Executive

Wanted: More Veterans in Congress to Break Gridlock, DoD Buzz

Criminals Increasingly Hold Government Computers for Ransom, Route Fifty

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