News You Can Use: 11/09/18

National Security

Lower House Poised to Take Upper Hand on National Security, Defense One

An American Accused of Joining ISIS Is Free, and a Bigger Story Is Beginning, The Atlantic

DoD is sending 7,000 troops to the border. Here’s every unit going., Military Times

Over 170 environmental groups say Trump’s border wall will destroy fragile ecosystems, Quartz

What the Midterms Mean for National Security, Defense One

How a Democratic Congress might improve counterterrorism and Middle East policy, Brookings

New U.S. Sanctions Omit Key Firms Linked to Iran’s Armed Forces, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Space expertise isn’t necessary to run the Space Development Agency, says Pentagon deputy, Defense News

Why Militaries Must Destroy Cities to Save Them, Modern War Institute

Here’s how the Trump administration plans to increase American weapon sales abroad, Military Times

US-North Korea nuclear talks are cancelled; move may be pressure tactic, analysts say, The Associated Press


What the midterm elections could mean for the federal cybersecurity agenda, Fifth Domain

Cybersecurity officials start focusing on the 2020 elections, The Associated Press

DHS Wants to Expand the Reach of Its Critical Infrastructure Cyber Training, Nextgov

Cyber War Requires Cyber Marines, U.S. Naval Institute

Public Health

Should Childhood Trauma Be Treated As A Public Health Crisis?, NPR

Medicaid Expansion Won Big on Election Day, Route Fifty

Another Mass Shooting? ‘Compassion Fatigue’ Is A Natural Reaction., NPR

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

The importance of gender in early childhood education policy, Brookings

Trump Administration Gives Sudan a Way to Come in From the Cold, Foreign Policy

Cameroon kidnap: Joy as freed students returned to parents, BBC

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Are Starving Yemenis to Death, Foreign Policy

Government & Military Personnel

Army Wants Sergeants in the Barracks on Weekends to Prevent Suicides,

The Government Can Access Your Credit Report, Even If You’ve Frozen It, Government Executive

As more female vets head to Congress, there’s a new push to change VA’s male-focused motto, Military Times

Does the Military Really Need More Strategists, War on the Rocks

6 Myths About Federal Retirement Benefits, Government Executive

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