News You Can Use: 11/11/16

National Security

Defense Industry Expecting Boost from Trump Election, Defense News

Why GOP national security experts must agree to serve in a Trump administration, The Washington Post

Who will be Trump’s secretary of defense?, Military Times

The Perils of Forgetting About Al Qaeda, War on the Rocks

Homeland Security Still Slow to Fill Law Enforcement Jobs, Watchdog Finds, Government Executive

Intelligence community is already feeling a sense of dread about Trump, The Washington Post

Inside the Pentagon, early fears Trump will micromanage the generals more than Obama did, Military Times

What a Trump presidency means for U.S. and global climate policy, Brookings

How Much Will Donald Trump Really Spend on Defense?, War on the Rocks

Team Trump Struggling to Fill National-Security Jobs, The Daily Beast


Trump administration promises more aggressive, less political cyber stance, Federal Times

US Army Races To Build New Cyber Corps, Breaking Defense

Will Cyber Talent Join The Trump Team? Jury’s Out, Nextgov

Cybersecurity Should Send Smart Investors Back To School, Forbes

U.S. Air Force to “Cyber-Secure” Nuclear Arsenal, The National Interest

What a Trump Presidency Means for Cybersecurity, Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom, Newsweek

Public Health

Human testing begins on Zika virus vaccine developed by the Army, Army Times

Watchdog: USAID Didn’t Properly Account For $60 Million in Ebola Funds, Government Executive

What the 2016 Election Results Mean for Health, Scientific American

The Future of Obamacare Looks Bleak, The New York Times

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

From AIDS To Zika: Trump On Global Health And Humanitarian Aid, NPR

US: Trump Should Govern With Respect for Rights, Human Rights Watch

Ethiopia: After a year of protests, time to address grave human rights concerns, Amnesty International

U.S. Says It Has Killed 119 Civilians in Iraq and Syria Since 2014, The New York Times

Amnesty International: Trump must ‘commit to upholding the human rights of all without discrimination’, The Washington Post

Government & Military Personnel

Ransomware Emails Use OPM Breach to Lure Victims, Nextgov

Pay and Benefits Under Trump, Best Cities for Vets, and More, Government Executive

Dear President-elect: Advocacy group’s open letter to Trump outlines key concerns of military families, Military Times

Federal Employee Groups Disappointed but Not Dejected by Trump’s Election, Government Executive

VA and Social Security Partner to Speed Up Disability Decisions for Veterans, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

There is a Precedent for Trump’s Governmentwide Hiring Freeze, Government Executive

Trump, Clinton, Obama, Ryan Harmonize for a Smooth Transition, Government Executive

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