News You Can Use: 12/02/16

National Security

How Trump’s Government Could Change America’s Approach to Terrorism, Government Executive

NDAA Installs Major Structural Reforms to Pentagon, Defense News

Snowden: Hacking rule changes threaten Americans’ rights, Washington Examiner

Vulnerable Communities Are Using Innovative Financing to Prepare for Natural Disasters, Route Fifty

Can ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Temper the Impulsive President-Elect?, Foreign Policy

NDAA Adds Manpower, but Not Proposed Jets and Ships, Defense News

DHS, insurers share interest in drones, C4ISR Net

Will the Department of Defense Invest in People or Technology?, Government Executive

All the President’s Generals, Potentially Including One at State, Foreign Policy

Why Donald Trump Shouldn’t Fill the Cabinet With Generals, The New York Times

Election Security is a Matter of National Security, Scientific American



War Game Confirms Major Gaps in U.S. Army’s Cyber Capabilities, Bloomberg

White House Plans to Retire Outdated Cyber Regulations, Nextgov

Don’t Put the Pentagon in Charge of Private Industry’s Cybersecurity, Defense One

Top German spy warns of political cyberattacks, Russian links, Federal Times

Cyber center project a ‘turning point’ for Army capability, leaders say, Army Times

What Trump Can Do About Cybersecurity, Bloomberg

Trump Appoints Legislative Cyber Leaders to Transition Team, Nextgov

Selecting Qualified Airmen for the Cyber Mission Force The Pitfalls of Hiring Operational “Analysts”, Air & Space Power Journal

Public Health

Tricare patients’ deadline to switch pharmacy is Dec. 1, Military Times

VA offers screening to vets due to questionable dental care, Star Tribune

How to Make Something Productive Out of Your Anxiety, Government Executive

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

U.S. Push to Halt Genocide in South Sudan Unravels at United Nations, Foreign Policy

UN Alarmed About Deterioration of Human Rights Worldwide, Voice of America

Coast Guard Apprehends Most Cuban Migrants in Decade,

North Korea satellite images show prison camps accused of ‘atrocities’, The Guardian

Another Mass Grave Dug by ISIS in Iraq, and a Ghastly Ritual Renewed, The New York Times

Government & Military Personnel

Senators, Military Specialists Say Army Report On Dismissed Soldiers Is Troubling, NPR

Congress drops plans to make women register for the draft, Military Times

Hill Negotiators Ignore Obama and Give Troops Biggest Pay Raise in 6 Years, Government Executive

Advocates want Obama, Trump to pardon ‘bad paper’ dismissals, Military Times

Trump’s VA Team Could Bring Big Changes to Vets’ Health Care, Employee Rights, Government Executive

How Trump could unintentionally raise the minimum wage in your city, Brookings

TSP Funds Improve in November, Government Executive


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