News You Can Use: 12/26/16

National Security

NDAA and the Counter-Drone Challenge, Defense News

Trump Calls for Expansion of US Nuclear Capability, in 140 Characters or Less, Defense News

The Donald and nukes, again, Brookings

CIA director: US should not ‘resort’ to Russian tactics in hack retaliation, Washington Examiner

Trump is Now America’s Arms Deal Negotiator, Defense One

Congress scrapped this one word from the law, opening the door to a space arms race, Los Angeles Times

Obama dumps registry for some immigrant men, mostly Muslims, Military Times

Two Americans injured in Berlin attack, Washington Examiner

D.C.-area soldiers rehearse upcoming presidential inauguration, Army Times


Pentagon Wants More Cyber Threat Info From Contractors in 2017, Nextgov

Experts Hope Trump Makes Cybersecurity An Early Priority, NPR

Report documents Russian malware targeting Ukrainian military, C4ISR Net

Alternative perspectives on technology policy in the Trump administration, Brookings

Public Health

DoD Opens Biofabrication Hub in New Hampshire, Defense News

Public Health Crises: US Often Caught Off Guard, Report Shows, MedScape

Is Marijuana the Answer to Traffic Fatalities in the U.S.?, Route Fifty

Human Right & Humanitarian Efforts

John McCain: We have a stake in Syria, yet we have done nothing, The Washington Post

Egypt: Mass Attack on Prisoners, Human Rights Watch

South Sudan: Arms embargo, sanctions fail at UN Security Council, Amnesty International

Made-in-America Weapons, War Crimes, and the Outcry Over Yemen, Defense One

Libya: Provide Medical Care, Safety for Civilians Fleeing Sirte, Human Rights Watch

Government & Military Personnel

Last-Minute Retirement Tips, Government Executive

Ending ‘concurrent receipt’ of retirement and disability pays would save billions, federal agency says, Military Times

Obama to Agencies: Do A Better Job Helping Immigrants in the Military Navigate Government, Government Executive

Job gains continued in 2016, but slow rebound in participation rate will limit future gains, Brookings

Memo to the President: Getting the Most From the Federal Workforce, Government Executive

Will Trump Bring Back Outsourcing and A-76?, Government Executive

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