CALL highlights lessons learned from State personnel

The Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) recently published a new installment in their “News From The Front” series focused on the experiences of Department of State personnel in interagency operations.

Leveraging the Interagency: Insights from the U.S. Department of State Leadership is a collection of articles related to U.S. national security. The articles focus on counterterrorism and interagency leadership, including articles on the Japanese embassy hostage crisis, what Foreign Service personnel need to know about working with the military, the role and history of the Foreign Policy Advisor Program, and national security policy after Iraq and Afghanistan.

Also included in Leveraging the Interagency is “A Window on State-Defense Relations: The POLAD System,” which was originally published by the Simons Center after their March 2013 Political Advisor Conference.

Leveraging the Interagency provides insights, informed perspectives, and lessons and best practices of seasoned State personnel meant to inform higher level Army and Department of Defense (DoD) personnel about the skills of State Department personnel and aims to better facilitate interagency cooperation.

For more information about this CALL publication, please follow the link below.
News from the Front: Leveraging the Interagency Insights from the U.S. Department of State Leadership, Center for Army Lessons Learned

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