National Defense Authorization Act passed

On May 10, the House Armed Services Committee favorably passed H.R. 4310, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for FY2013. The NDAA provides the authorities and structures necessary for funding the U.S. military, and includes authorities on research and development, health care provisions, education, and military and civilian personnel authorizations and policies. The NDAA also structures interagency cooperation.

Subtitle B, Section 1111 of Title XI of the NDAA establishes a Committee on National Security Personnel that will manage the interagency personnel rotation among National Security positions across the executive branch of government. Senior positions and positions within the intelligence community will be excluded. The interagency personnel rotation program will be voluntary, with employees from various National Security agencies serving a rotational assignment within a different agency, but within their home agency’s interagency community of interest. Each participating employee would be provided with the education and training necessary for their rotational assignment. After completing their rotational assignment, the employee will return to their original assignment, a similar assignment, or a higher position.

The NDAA also states that the Committee will consult with relevant associations, unions, research organizations, and related groups, such as the Col. Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation, in forming and implementing policies involving interagency personnel rotation. Interagency rotational service will also become a deciding factor in selecting individuals to fill senior positions within an interagency community of interest.

In order to become public law, the NDAA will need to be passed by the House and the Senate before being signed by the President. The bill is expected to go before the House some time in May.

For more information about the NDAA for FY2013, please follow the links below.
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