SAMS student featured in ‘Face of Defense’

A student from the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) has been featured in “Face of Defense,” a news feature that runs on the Defense Departments website each week. The article on Army Col. Oscar Doward Jr., commander of U.S. Army Central’s 2503rd Digital Liaison Detachment, was published on June 1, and highlighted Doward’s dissertation on African-American officer development and evolution in the Army during the 20th century.

Doward is one of 60 students in participating in SAMS’s Advanced Strategic Planning and Policy Program (ASP3), which is designed to develop field-grade officers as strategic planners and future senior leaders through a combination of practical experience, professional military education and a doctoral degree from a civilian university in a field of study related to strategy.

ASP3 students can expect to spend as many as six years earning their degree and working in strategy-related developmental jobs. The program prepares graduates for interagency positions across U.S. government, including key planning positions with the Army, Department of Defense, White House national security staff, intelligence community, State Department, Congress, combatant commands, civilian think tanks, and military schools.

To read the original story on the DoD website, please follow the link below.
Face of Defense: Officer Strives for Excellence in Ph.D. Program, Department of Defense

Col. Oscar Doward, Jr., commander, 2503rd Digital Liaison Detachment, U.S. Army Central, gives a lesson to students on African-American Soldiers and their participation in World War I at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. (U.S. Army Photo by Staff Sgt. Jared Crain)

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