Simons Center farewells graduate fellow

The Simons Center recently bid farewell to another extremely accomplished Graduate Fellow. From May to July, James Gilmore conducted research and wrote an original paper as the first graduate student enrolled at Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo., to intern at the Simons Center. Gilmore’s primary research effort was focused on the Army’s development and use of simulations and modeling for determining requirements, experimentation, training and support of operational planning and whether it could benefit the interagency decision-making process in foreign affairs.

This project required researching and interviewing modelers at the TRADOC Analysis Center, National Simulation Center, and Athena Project at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Gilmore’s work will be published by the Simons Center as an InterAgency Paper in early 2016.

“I really appreciated my internship with the Center. Not only was it enjoyable to work on a historic military installation, but it gave me long periods of uninterrupted time to focus my research and thinking,” said Gilmore. “I also enjoyed meeting some very accomplished professionals in a wide variety of specialties and was amazed at the time they took to talk with me, show me their programs, and help me really understand some of the Army’s best modeling and simulation.”

While working with the Center, Gilmore also completed his master thesis, entitled “Gaming and Aggressive Tendencies: The Effects of Conflict Simulations on Behavior and Political Decision-Making.” On Aug. 7, he graduated from Missouri State University with a master’s degree in Global Studies. Later this summer Gilmore will travel to Dalian, China where he will teach geography at Liaoning Normal University for a year.

The Simons Center appreciates Gilmore’s great work with the Simons Center and wish him well in China.

For more information about the Simons Center’s internship program, click here.

Jim Gilmore completed his internship at the Simons Center this summer. He recently graduated from Missouri State University with a Master of Global Studies degree.

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