Veterans Day 2016 – A Thank You Message

On this Veterans Day, I think of my grandfather on the Texas border with General Pershing one hundred years ago; my father on a ship in Okinawa harbor seventy one years ago; my wife’s uncle piloting an LST at Omaha Beach seventy two years ago; my wife’s uncle fighting in Korea 64 years ago; my uncle serving in Berlin during the early days of the wall fifty five years ago; my high school classmate fighting in Vietnam forty eight years ago; my battalion’s Soldiers fighting on the hills above Kuwait City twenty five years ago; my friends fighting the seemingly never ending battles in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria for the past fifteen years; and I think of all the families back home waiting and hoping they would return safely.

I also recognize our young generation that has taken up the mantle of the past and continues to serve our country across the globe today so that we may enjoy the blessings that we have. They have all done their duty without fanfare for each other and for their families back home. All served well and faithfully so therefore it is fitting that we honor all of these men and women and their families on this special day.

From one old Soldier, I say Thank You, God Bless you, and God Bless America.

Douglas L. Tystad
Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired
CEO, CGSC Foundation Inc.

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