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Featured Article: Building Civil-Military Synergy in the Interagency

Featured article: Team of Rivals: Building Civil-Military Synergy in the Interagency by Jeffrey S. Han In the summer of 2009, in the aftermath of the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, I deployed as a newly-minted, active duty, Army civil affairs officer to Sri Lanka. The challenges at the time—widespread destruction of infrastructure, landmines embedded […]

KC Federal Executive Board topic of next InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture – Nov. 26

Mr. Larry A. Hisle, executive director of the Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board, will lead the discussion in the next InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture at 12:30 p.m., Nov. 26, 2019, in the Arnold Conference Room of the Lewis and Clark Center on Fort Leavenworth. Hisle will outline the roles and missions of the Federal Executive […]

Area 51: Very Secret, Very Cool, but not Aliens

As part of the Foundation’s Distinguished Speaker Series, Brent Geary, Ph.D., historian with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Center for the Study of Intelligence, presented a lecture titled, “Very Secret, Very Cool, but not Aliens: The U-2, the A-12 and Area 51,” to over 50 attendees at Park University on Wednesday, Oct. 30. His […]

Latest brown-bag lecture focuses on CIA

Mr. Kevin Rousseau, the CGSC Distinguished Chair for National Intelligence Studies and a member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), led a discussion about the CIA’s organization and mission during the InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture conducted Oct. 10, 2019, in the Lewis and Clark Center’s Arnold Conference Room. Rousseau covered a bit of the Agency’s history […]

Special Report: Ethical Implications of Large Scale Combat Operations

About this Report: Beginning in 2009, the Command and General Staff College Foundation has partnered each year with the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College to host an annual ethics symposium at Fort Leavenworth. These annual symposia provide an opportunity for academics and practitioners to come together to discuss ethics as they relate to […]

CGSC international students participate in UN Peacekeepers forum in KC

Four International Military Students (IMS) from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) took part in a panel discussion on “Protecting the Peace: United Nations Peacekeepers in the 21st Century.” The occasion was opened by Dr. Matt Naylor, President/CEO of the National WWI Museum and Memorial, who introduced the keynote speaker Squadron Leader […]

Space lecture draws large crowd

Thomas A. Gray, the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command Liaison to the Combined Arms Center and Army University, addressed a packed room on Sept. 24, 2019, as he spoke about the evolution of space policy, a space force and today’s challenges. During his presentation, Gray discussed our dependence on space-based capabilities – telecommunications, navigation, missile […]

Ambassador Canavan selected as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomacy

The CGSC Foundation and DACOR (Diplomatic and Consular Officers, Retired) announce the selection of retired Ambassador Katherine “Kate” Canavan as the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomacy for the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College class of 2020. Ambassador Canavan served with distinction as a Foreign Service officer in the U.S. State Department more than […]

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