InterAgency Journal

The InterAgency Journal (IAJ) is published semiannually by the Command and General Staff College Foundation Press for the Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation. The InterAgency Journal provides a forum to inform a broad audience on matters pertaining to tactical and operational issues of cooperation, collaboration, and/or coordination among and between various governmental departments, agencies, and offices. Each issue of the InterAgency Journal contains a variety of articles pertaining to interagency topics including national security, counterterrorism, stabilization and reconstruction operations, and disaster preparation and response.

The Simons Center is always looking for authors to contribute manuscripts reflecting their experience, study, and insight. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit their works after a review of the Simons Center Writer’s Submission Guidelines, the Simons Center’s Style Guide, and the Simons Center Interagency Research Topics list. Manuscripts may be submitted online through the Contribute Content page.

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IAJ 6-2

InterAgency Journal 6-2 (Spring 2015)

Inside this issue: Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Interagency, John Mark Mattox; Cape Ray Diplomacy: How a U.S. Merchant Vessel Took Center Stage in Foreign Relations, Chi K. Cheung; Improving the Intelligence Community’s Contribution to Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, Timothy W. Fisher… and much more.

IAJ 6-1

InterAgency Journal 6-1 (Winter 2015)

Inside this issue: Afghanistan Army Development: What Went Wrong, Tommy J. Tracy; The Looming Crisis in Afghan Local Government, Daniel R. Green; Interagency Challenges to Mitigating Threats and Safeguarding Liberties, Harry Phillips… and much more.

IAJ 5-3

InterAgency Journal 5-3 (Fall 2014)

Inside this issue: Insights to Effective Interorganizational Coordination, David Grambo, Barrett Smith and Richard W. Kokko; Improving Interagency Coordination in Africa, Robert Bennett; There is No Silver Bullet and Other Lessons from Colombia, Stuart Lippe… and much more.