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– The Complexities of American Foreign Policy: The Case for Diplomatic Experience and Education
– Undercover Operations in the U.S. to Counter Terrorism and National Security Threats
– Fixing a Hole: Contemporary Security Issues in Africa
– Understanding the Budgets of the Sino-U.S. Naval Arms Race
– Operation Citadel: Enabling the Interagency Approach
– The Fallacy of a Marketing Approach Applied to Interagency Influence Efforts

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– Interagency Cooperation: An Ambassador’s Perspective
– The Pursuit of Justice: Assistance Needed to Tackle the International Criminal Court’s Prevention Component
– The Business of War: Private Military and Security Companies in Armed Conflict
– “Sovereignty-in-Being”: A Dangerous New Model for Territorial Expansion in the 21st Century
– Digital Age Superiority …or the Digital Dark Age Collapse
– Women and Leadership
– USAID and USACE Collaboration in the Pacific

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Inside this issue:  What “right” looks like in the Interagency: A Commander’s Perspective, by Gen. William “Kip” Ward; Interagency Cooperation: An Ambassador’s Perspective, by Thomas J. Miller…and much more.

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