Featured Article: The Applications of Military Simulations in an Interagency Context

Featured article:

The Applications of Military Simulations in an Interagency Context
by James Gilmore

The use of simulation has been a long-standing tradition throughout military history. Planning every minute detail of an important operation is something that comes naturally and has subsequently been honed over the course of repeated use. Only recently has the Army’s use of computer modeling and simulation started making its way out of the military complex and into the world of private industry. Technological capabilities, once only thought useful for defense purposes are now being used to streamline business best practices and improve a corporation’s predictive capabilities. While the use of simulation has slowly started invading the corporate world, other federal agencies are still reluctant to add gaming and modeling to their everyday practices. This reluctance is the focus of this article.

By examining research on cognitive and training implications for simulation use and the results from a series of interviews conducted with experts familiar with the Army’s use of simulations, this article will discern whether this particular type of training tool can be used successfully outside the military realm.

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James Gilmore is an Adjunct Professor for Liaoning Normal University and Missouri State University. He has a Masters of Global Studies from Missouri State University with a thesis pertaining to effects from combat-based games and simulations. James is also a former graduate fellow at the Arthur D. Simons Center for Interagency Cooperation.

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