News You Can Use: 01/30/17

National Security

What to Watch Out for, Mr. President, Foreign Policy

Trump Will Call for a Pentagon Plan to Hit ISIS Harder, Officials Say, The New York Times

Trump lays groundwork to change U.S. role in the world, The Washington Post

6 Myths About National Security Intelligence, Fifth Domain Cyber

Trump: Military more important than balanced budget, The Hill

Build a wall? Not so simple, Washington Examiner

Trump signals changes to U.S. interrogation, detention policy, Military Times

The Grave Dangers and Deep Sadness of ‘America First’, Foreign Policy

Netanyahu: Trump understands ‘danger’ of Iran nuclear deal, Military Times

Trump’s China Policy: ‘This Is How You Stumble Into a Crisis’, Foreign Policy

FBI director James Comey will be interviewed at SXSW, The Verge

Trump executive order to stem refugees from ‘terror-prone’ regions, The Washington Times

America’s New President Is Not a Rational Actor, Foreign Policy


Trump’s phone: A cybersecurity threat?, Politico

Microsoft to continue to invest over $1 billion a year on cyber security, Reuters

The Army is looking for AGR officers, warrants to go cyber, Army Times

There’s Something Very Weird Happening Inside Russia’s Cybersecurity World, Buzzfeed

Navy committed to DoD-wide network security plan, C4ISR Net

Public Health

Drug Distributors Penalized For Turning Blind Eye In Opioid Epidemic, NPR

With HHS Pilot, First Responders Can Access Your Health Data Immediately, Nextgov

Heart failure projected to increase dramatically, according to new statistics, American Heart Association

Did IUD insertions spike after Trump’s election? A big new data set says yes., Vox

A Threat to Public Health, The New York Times

Human Rights & Humanitarian Efforts

The disastrous ripple effects of Trump’s executive action on refugee resettlement, Brookings

China, North Korea, and Human Rights ‘Dialogue’, Human Rights Watch

Do Trump’s Orders Target Terrorists?, Commentary

Human Rights Professor: Liberal Democracy ‘Seems To Be Unraveling’, NPR

Government & Military Personnel

Trump’s Orders Calling for 15,000 New Federal Employees Could Face Setbacks, Government Executive

Republicans Seek Assurance That Certain VA Health Jobs Are Exempt From Hiring Freeze, Government Executive

Defense Department revamps policy for civilian layoffs, but says no cuts are imminent, Military Times

Annual Benefit Adjustments, Government Executive

One of Trump’s first moves is already hurting a loyal group of supporters: Veterans, McClatchy DC

White House Throws Weight Behind Cutting Feds’ Retirement, Health Benefits, Government Executive

The Ten Behaviors of Strong Personal Leadership, Government Executive

Drastically Changing Agency Missions Is Harder Than Trump Might Think, Government Executive

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