Introducing The Bull Simons Ops Center Podcast

Our first episode of the Bull Simons Ops Center is an interview with retired Colonel Bob Ulin, founder and Director of the Simons Center for Ethical Leadership and Interagency Cooperation. Bob is a Vietnam veteran, a successful business executive, and Founding CEO of the Command and General Staff College Foundation in Fort Leavenworth, KS. In 2009, Bob secured a grant from the late H. Ross Perot, Senior to establish the Simons Center to support research and publication of matters pertaining to interagency cooperation. Bob discusses the founding of the Simons Center, its accomplishments, and its recent reorganization.


About our Guest

Bob Ulin is a retired army officer with extensive foreign assignments and engagements in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa. He is an accomplished military operator, author, educator, and diplomat. He had two combat tours in Vietnam: one as an artilleryman, the other as an infantry advisor. He lived and worked in Europe for 17 years. He served at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels and in the multinational military headquarters at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) and at its political headquarters at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Bob had several interagency assignments dealing with the departments of State, Energy, and the CIA. He is a published author of five books, a seasoned negotiator, strategic planner, and advisor to foreign militaries.

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Ross Perot and Bob Ulin standing in front of a painting of Arthur D. "Bull" Simons hanging in Mr. Perot's Plano, TX office.

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