Publications Tag: border security

– Half-Pivot: Why the Obama Pentagon Could Not Shift to the Pacific
– Harbors and Hidden Agendas
– A Whole-of-Government Approach to Leveraging Our Most Strategic Asset – Allies and Partners
– Retired Flag Officers and Public Political Criticism
– Challenges Of Border Security in Nigeria: A Case Study of Nigeria’s Joint Border Patrol Team
– A System Under Strain: Coherence and Incoherence in the American Way of Limited War

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– The Productive Organization: Survival of the Fittest
– Mission Command: Small Teams in the U.S. Border Patrol
– A Solution to WMD Proliferation
– A Nation Unprepared: Bioterrorism and Pandemic Response
– Missed Operational Opportunities in the
– Global War on Terror’s Prisons and Camps
– The First 21st Century Water War
– Empowering U.S. National Security with Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
– Proxy Warfare on the Roof of the World: Great Power Competition Lessons from Tibet
– Countering Russian Hybrid Warfare

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