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Featured article: Securing the U.S. Food Supply: The Quintessential Interagency Task by Cindy A. Landgren The general public puts little thought into the vast, interconnected infrastructure that constitutes the fabric of life in the U.S. Nevertheless, large segments of that infrastructure are susceptible to failure—potentially even catastrophic failure—through both accidental and intentional means. Sometimes it is hard […]

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Featured article: Closing the Barn Door: Interagency Approaches to Reduce Agroterrorism Threats by David F. Grieco Despite billions of dollars spent in the U.S. on national defense, one key area has been historically overlooked. In the twenty-first century, perhaps the greatest national security threat requiring careful interagency coordination is not in a distant land, but in actuality, quite local. It is […]

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The U.S. Agency for International Development recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Syngenta International AG, one of the world’s leading companies focused on increasing crop productivity and improving health and quality of life…

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