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Featured article: The Influence of Transhumanist Thought on Human Enhancement by Jeff Sheets In the April 2017 edition of National Geographic Magazine, journalist D.T. Max describes his encounter with cyborg Neil Harbisson. Color blind from birth due to a condition called achromatopsia, Harbisson had a fiber-optic sensor fixed onto the back of his skull. This […]

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Featured article: Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Laws of Armed Conflict by Dustin P.J. Murphy Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world and it will change the nature, speed, and scope of war. AI promises to benefit humanity but it also generates fear because of the unknowns associated with its advancement, especially the potential of […]

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Featured article: When Asimov’s Robots Encounter the Laws of War by Michael H. Hoffman It’s been culturally ingrained since 1942 that robots should never harm human beings. Isaac Asimov first introduced his famed laws of robotics in a science fiction story published that year. They stand the test of time as an influence on popular […]

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