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Featured article: Bridging the Accountability Gap: The Special Court¬†for Sierra Leone by Dale McFeatters In October 2017, the Army revised Field Manual 3-0, Operations, the capstone doctrine on unified land operations, to focus on conducting and sustaining large-scale combat operations. Large-scale combat operations are the employment of the range of military operations occurring at the […]

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Featured article: Interagency Approaches to Prevent the Reoccurrence of Conflict in Sierra Leone by Phillip J. Schenks, Mary C. Avriette and Jonathan M. Holliday Countries which experience one civil war are more likely to experience another. Recurrent civil wars impair economic investment and divert government funds from governance to security. The result of conflict-related resource […]

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In the past two weeks the U.S. government has made several announcements outlining whole-of-government response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa. USAID is the lead agency in the effort, with support from DoD and other agencies and organizations…

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