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Featured article: A Call for Synchronization of Civil Information Management by Michael L. Jones Special operation forces (SOF) and interagency partners face unique challenges when conducting civil information management (CIM) within the joint interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) environments. Information management requires a streamlined technologic system that reduces redundant technological platforms for civil information sharing. Currently, […]

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Featured article: Civil Affairs History and Doctrine: From Military Government to Interagency Partner by Thomas R. Geisinger The 2014 Army Operating Concept (AOC), “Win in a Complex World,” stresses the need for American military power to prevent conflict and shape future wars as much as win them.1 To do this, U.S. forces must take advantage […]

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Featured article: Interagency Qualifications to Address Fragility, or Rethinking Civil Affairs by Kurt E. Müller The defense sector has a long-standing appreciation of the value of whole-of-government approaches to national security challenges. The phrase “all elements of national power” resonates with Department of Defense (DoD) leadership and is a common feature of curricula and outreach […]

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