Publications Tag: Crime

– Interagency Cooperation: An Ambassador’s Perspective
– The Pursuit of Justice: Assistance Needed to Tackle the International Criminal Court’s Prevention Component
– The Business of War: Private Military and Security Companies in Armed Conflict
– “Sovereignty-in-Being”: A Dangerous New Model for Territorial Expansion in the 21st Century
– Digital Age Superiority …or the Digital Dark Age Collapse
– Women and Leadership
– USAID and USACE Collaboration in the Pacific

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This paper looks at the disjointed efforts, a lack of understanding, and limited motivation to participate that characterize the current state of affairs on combating transnational organized crime, and examines approaches to better address this issue. The authors discuss whole-of-government and partner-nation efforts to combat transnational organized crime.

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Inside this issue:  A New Era of Conflict Resolution, by Roméo A. Dallaire; The Military Profession and Counter-Genocide Leadership, by Michael H. Hoffman; The Killing Fields, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide in Europe, Hal Elliott Wert …and much more.

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