Publications Tag: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

– Interagency Cooperation: An Ambassador’s Perspective
– The Pursuit of Justice: Assistance Needed to Tackle the International Criminal Court’s Prevention Component
– The Business of War: Private Military and Security Companies in Armed Conflict
– “Sovereignty-in-Being”: A Dangerous New Model for Territorial Expansion in the 21st Century
– Digital Age Superiority …or the Digital Dark Age Collapse
– Women and Leadership
– USAID and USACE Collaboration in the Pacific

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– U.S. Northern Command Counterterrorism Response Force Requirement
– Partnering to End Corruption through Security Cooperation and Defense Institution Building
– The Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Moral and Ethical Obligation of Resettlement or “I’ll Pass on the Poisoned Skittles”
– Searching for a Win-Win-Win: Rethinking Energy Crisis Solutions in West Africa
– New Foreign Policy Capability
– Why We Can’t All Just Get Along: Overcoming Personal Barriers to Inter-Organizational Effectiveness and Finding Your Personal Coupler for Success
– Adaptive Leadership: The Leader’s Advantage
– Avoiding a New Berlin Conference: A Framework for U.S. – Chinese Economic Cooperation in West Africa

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Inside this issue: Afghanistan Army Development: What Went Wrong, Tommy J. Tracy; The Looming Crisis in Afghan Local Government, Daniel R. Green; Interagency Challenges to Mitigating Threats and Safeguarding Liberties, Harry Phillips… and much more.

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This essay explores the four traditional instruments of national power – diplomatic, economic, informational, and military, or DIME – and proposes that development be included as an instrument of national power…

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by David A. Anderson

This essay investigates collaboration among the U.S. interagency and multilateral development-promoting organizations, financial institutions, and initiatives. U.S. interagency collaboration and information sharing must take place among all U.S. agencies that assist in economic development…

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by Rick Swain

This paper argues that USAID and military problem-solving approaches are converging, and broadly understood techniques of design offer the best synthesis for achieving unity of effort in whole-of-government operations.

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